xmassweaterknitUgly sweater parties are all the rage for the holidays, and while many people will head to the thrift store to grab an ugly sweater,  we are always big fans of making one yourself. We’ve seen people arrive with stuffed reindeer’s sewn to the front of a sweatshirt, snowflakes of varying sizes, lots of pom poms and everything in between.

We also wanted to share some DIY ideas for PRETTY holiday sweaters, because for every ugly sweater you make, you need a pretty one too. Or something like that.

1) Stocking Sweater (and a bunch more!) – This post has a bunch of awesome ideas, one of which is simply sewing a holiday stocking to your sweatshirt. Simple, but totally awesome.

2) Feel The Joy Ugly Sweater – This one is only for people who have a really good sense of (dirty) humor. Don’t wear this to your family’s holiday party unless your family is like mine and would find this to be completely hilarious.

3) Unicorn Holiday Ugly Sweater – We found an ugly sweater idea that has a unicorn on it. Do you really need a reason why we chose it? We didn’t think so! Make this one immediately.

4) Sparkly Elbow Patch Sweater – Here we’ve got a great video tutorial that will show you how to make an adorable sweater with some sparkly patch work on the elbows!

5) Appliqué Shoulder Sweater – A gorgeous black sweater with some amazing appliques on the shoulders make a standard piece a bit fancier for those holiday parties.

6) Sequin Heart Sweater – We simply LOVE these gold sequin heart sweaters. This is a piece you could make for the holidays, and wear for the rest of the cooler seasons. We want to make one immediately.

So there you have it, a bunch of very easy ways to make some custom pieces for all those parties you plan to attend this year!

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