We all know that getting in the proper amount of H2O is wildly important. Hydrating your body is great for your skin, your immune system, and keeps your body feeling great and running smoothly.

For some of us, drinking water comes easily. Perhaps soda and juice wasn’t a main staple in your diet growing up, or you were just lucky to learn early on the importance of those 8 glasses a day.

For others, the transition to a mostly water based drinking routine is just hard. Cutting out the flavor in a drink can be difficult to put down, and we completely understand that switching from your daily can of soda isn’t easy.

That is why we wanted to introduce (or re-introduce) the wonder that is fruit infused water.

We love the concept of it because it really does provide a delicious, refreshing, and flavorful option while cutting out all the sugar, chemicals, and other icky ingredients that are put into those bubbly soda beverages.

The good news is that the possibilities are really endless and if you want to use seltzer water (the base of all sodas anyway!) instead of still water, you totally can, and you’d be surprised by how satisfying theses drinks can be.

Here are a few water infusion ideas:

Lemon Lime Infused Soda Water – This could taste like a sprite with the addition of a tinnnny bit of sugar, although we recommend just going without.

Strawberry Mint Water – Add fresh strawberries and sprigs (or ripped pieces) of fresh mint, let it sit in the pitcher for a bit, and voila. Deliciousness.

Pineapple Orange Water – Same as before. Cut up the fruit, add it in there, and let it infuse for an hour or so.

We also love this website for a ton of interesting ideas like cherry limeade, peaches and cream, and cucumber lime.

If you are trying to cut out soda, we can’t stress enough how awesome water infusion can be.

Give it a try and tell us what you think!

-Sasha Huff


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