We all want to eat healthy, and we want our kids to eat healthy too.  That can prove to be especially difficult when you are on vacation. You don’t have to sacrifice your diet however, just because you are out of town.  The key is planning.

Do your best to plan where you will eat when you have to eat out.  If you plan ahead of time you can research their menu and figure out which is best for your waistline and opt for water whenever you can.  You will feel fuller and save calories.  Not to mention the sodium in some soft drinks, even diet drinks, can make you feel hungrier.

Most amusement parks don’t allow you to bring in your own food inside , but that’s not saying you can’t provide yourself food.  You just can’t bring it inside the park. Disneyland has picnic areas set up just outside the gates of the park for you to enjoy your own picnic food. For other parks, call and ask for their options.  Bringing your own food will not only save you calories, but money too!

Eating out on vacation is generally inevitable though, so it’s a hurdle you will have to jump.  Calories in snacks can really add up. So if you can, opt to enjoy fruits and nuts for your snacks instead of chips, crackers, or other packaged snacks.  This might help to counter that hamburger you will have for dinner.  Never tell yourself you can go hog wild because you are on vacation, do however allow yoursel to indulge.  You can keep yourself on track while out of town with a little planning, and a touch of will power.

-Stephanie Wright

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