Southwestern inspired design made its way into our wardrobes the last couple seasons.  But the warm colors are perfect accents to warmer weather and are begging to make their way from behind closet doors into bedrooms and living rooms alike.

Bedding. Bundle up in the morning with this kaleidoscope patchwork quilt that incorporates some awesome colors, particularly deep reds and turquoise that will give any room a nod to Americana, and enough reason to stay under the sheets just a little while longer in the am.

Design within Reach offers some patterned options for throws.

This Nos Da Throw (Welch for good night) is a modern take on traditional English double cloth, but it could definitely camouflage itself amongst other southwestern inspired pieces in your abode.

Pillows. Thanks to Etsy, there are so many wonderful options available from across the country.

Indian vs Indian is one of my favorite Etsy stores, just what you would expect to find from sellers in Portland, OR.  They always have Pendleton-printed pillows up for sale, like this Pendleton Handsewn Throw Pillow made from 100% Virgin Wool, that will liven any monochromatic couch.

Rugs. West Elm is a great website to poke around for rustic, southwestern vibes.  And while I can’t pretend that these Battani striped rugs are anything but Moroccan, they incorporate some of the key colors of southwestern style. Plus stripes are easier to commit to if you a pattern-phobe.

Paint. Too scared to paint your walls for good?  Cover your walls with an affordable and colorful Geo Strip Tapestry.

Miscellany. If you have a porch this Vintage Indian Summer Hammock is a must.  Or maybe you have some extra room in your living room.  Replace a day bed with a hammock? Sounds fine by me.

-Arianna Schioldager

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