three daffodil wedding bouquets held by bridesmaidsShopping for a wedding dress is one thing, but finding a bridesmaids dress that everyone will like, well that’s another dilemma altogether. And we all know about the huge chain wedding stores and brands with $300+ bridesmaids dresses, but there’s gotta be something else out there, right? Lucky for you, I’ve found some old, new, and surprising sources for stylish bridesmaids dresses that may help you in your hunt.

J.Crew – They have a wide variety of stylish bridesmaid dresses in a rainbow spectrum of colors, most of which are very on-trend. And here’s a tip: check out their sale section online. There are always tons of bridesmaids dresses on there, and at very affordable prices.

Ann Taylor – Did you know this perennial office clothes favorite brand also carries a line of bridesmaid dresses? Well, you do now. Fun, flirty, and cute, and they’re reasonably priced. Just keep in mind that you can only order these online, and if you want to make a return you have to do it by mail.

BHLDN – Brought to you by the same company that introduced us to Anthropologie, BHLDN has a wide selection of dreamy and romantic bridesmaids dresses, and – bonus! – a sale section as well. They also sell accessories, shoes, and wedding dresses to match. A real one-stop shop.  The only downside is it’s an online only store, save for two brick-and-mortar stores, one in Houston and the other in Chicago. So order those dresses early in case you have to make any returns or exchanges.

Target – Yes, Target (or if it makes you feel better, Tar-jay.) If you or your bridesmaids are really on a tight budget, Target has recently introduced a line of bridesmaids dresses, and you know what? They’re not bad! And for a dress you’re only going to wear for a few hours anyways, why not save and use the extra cash for something else instead?

Nordstrom – Nordie’s really does have everything, including a great online section for bridesmaids dresses. From formal, to casual, to cocktail chic, there’s truly a dress for everyone! Many of these dresses are available in stores to try on, but call before you go to make sure. And an added perk that yours girls will be thanking you for – lots of these dresses are totally rewearable (i.e. not poufy, not shiny satin, and no sash.)

– Esther Carlstone

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