We all know that times are hard. This is why it’s more important than ever to teach your kids the responsibilities of money. I don’t think it’s ever too early to begin reinforcing key concepts.  However, we truly began our kid’s education in finances at age three. Can you imagine your kids learning to handle money so that they don’t repeat some of your mistakes? (Can we say credit cards anyone?)

Having fought the credit card battle, and survived, I am eager to help my kids avoid my mistakes. For help with that, we turned to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior kit. Dave Ramsey is the guy who helped steer us in the right direction, so it made sense he could help us with our kids. Dave has written six cute children’s books that reenforce ideas such as work, saving, debt, giving, spending, and integrity. My kids love these books to pieces. My daughter also loves the “piggy” bank that came with her kit. It’s not actually a piggy at all, but three plastic envelopes One for giving, saving, and spending. When my kids earn their allowance they look forward to dividing it up into the various sections. Putting money into three separate “banks” makes them feel like they are getting more.

Since starting Financial Peace Junior my daughter has really caught on to giving to others. She truly looks forward to earning her money so she can do something for someone else. She also gets a pretty big kick out of having her own spending money when we head to the store. My son on the other hand, just wants to save every single penny he earns. The concepts are simple enough for a three year old, and interesting enough to engage my six year old. Overall I could not be happier with the kit and the things it is teaching my children. If you are looking for a simple, smart, no nonsense way to teach your kids about money and being fiscally responsible this is it.

-Stephanie Wright

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