Do you have a little boy? Do they love light sabers from Star Wars? Are they constantly borrowing your brooms to stage epic fights? Do you NOT want to buy them one of the expensive light sabers from the toy store, that you know they will break a window with? Want to get your kids outside playing a fun water game? Then look no further, I have all the answers you need!

First you need to figure out whether or not your boys are on the dark side. I know what you are thinking, but it really matters. Your kids will appreciate the extra efforts. Next head out to the store. You need to find pool noodles in red or green, again depending n your kids alliances. The only other thing you need is duct tape. Good ole silver duct tape. Take your pool noodle and trim it to a reasonable size. This will depend on the size of your Jedi (Or Sith).

Take your duct tape and tape the bottom of the noodle. Enough to form a decent handle. That’s it, you have cheap soft light sabers for the kids to fight with. Send them outside and be done.

Of course, around here that wasn’t enough. We needed to add the element of water before my kids were satisfied. Running through the sprinklers while using the Force was a hit. As was shoving the end of the hose into the bottom of the light saber. It squirt water out of the top, and was easy enough to swing around. Super fun!

-Stephanie Wright

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