balletI went through a ballerina phase.  It only lasted a few years because, well, I was kind of awful at it.  I hated third position and my grand plie looked more like a medium plie, but heavens only knows, I loved the shoes.  Well, it goes without saying that some things never change.

This fall, ballerina flats are back again and hotter than ever.  Every designer brand from Chanel to Marc Jacobs is putting out their interpretation of the classic design.  There are ballerina flats available with studs, some made completely from denim and tweed and ones in brilliant, bold colors.  I crave them all.  However, the ones that I favor above all others this season are a cute little pair from Wanted.  Simple, sassy, gathered and in a lovely soft yellow, they are a shoe steal!  They hug my little feet, don’t cause blisters and are a great accessory for a myriad of outfits.

What I love most about this style being such a must-have for this season is that you can find a pair that speaks to your personality while staying on budget (no matter what your budget is!).  In addition, they are the perfect shoe to dress up or dress down.  You can rock them with leggings, a killer suit or a sexy off the shoulder dress.

In addition, thigh highs and knee high tights are back for fall 2009 and look fantastic paired with ballet flats.  Whether it’s lace, wool or polka dots that you favor, ballet flats are a fantastic shoe to pair with this look.  Personally, I love to mix and match patterns and textures for something a little one-of-a-kind.  But, if this is a little too edgy for you, start simple; a bright flat with a tight in the same color family will look hot hot hot.

Go ahead girls, assume the position and shop………

Wanted Women’s Crush Gathered Ballerina Flat

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