kidsoutdoorsThe sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the kids are cooped up. Take ’em out back for some fresh air and some fun and free activities!

Chalk Drawing – If your kids are still young (or old), they’ll get a huge kick out of drawing on the sidewalk with some washable chalk. To them, it’ll feel like the world’s largest canvas. Sit back, relax, and let their creative juices flow.

Water Painting – Similarly, grab a cup of water and some paintbrushes and let them “paint” with water on the concrete. Toddlers love seeing the dark impressions the water makes, and best of all, it’s completely gone in half an hour (or less!)

Fun With Hoses – This may sound incredible simple, but kids of all ages LOVE water play (remember Slip N’ Slides?). Get the hose out, and let them spray each other, or you spray them, or find buckets, balloons and various other accessories for them to go wild with. Just be prepared to get soaked.

Scavenger Hunt – Carefully hide some common household objects around the yard, and write up a list of items for the kids, and let ’em loose. Just make sure to not hide them in such obscure places that they’d never find them.

Gardening – Got a green thumb? Then share your love of gardening with your kids. It’s a great way for them to learn where their food comes from, and to learn more about nature.

Go Camping – Yes, in your own backyard. Help the kids pitch a tent if you already have one, or make a DIY teepee by tossing an old sheet over a clothesline. Stock it with books, toys and snacks. Then spend the entire day “camping” (i.e. Mom or Dad can bring out s’mores from the kitchen.)

Art with Boxes – You know all those boxes you have sitting around? Well drag them outside, and let the kids do whatever they want with them – make a rocket, fort, castle, or just draw all over them. They’ll love getting to repurpose the boxes and you’ll love sitting back and watching.

-Esther Carlstone

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