mothersdayWe love our mother so much and love that there is another day of the year that we get to celebrate her. While sending a bouquet of flowers is always nice, finding something sweet to add to the mix is a great way to show her a little extra love.
We are a big supporter of buying from small businesses when we can, and if we see hand made goods that we love, we will always try to go that route.
The internet is home to TONS of small businesses who rely solely on e-commerce to make their money. So why not show them some love too?
Here are some things we found on Etsy that would make great Mother’s Day presents this year. But remember, you’ve got to purchase them soon or you may not get them by May 12th!
Cards We Love
Mom & Baby Elephant – This one is too cute for words.
Tulip Bud – A beautiful spring card for a mom who loves her flowers.
Owl and Mouse – Another adorable piece with animals on it. So much prettier than the store bought kind!
Double Knot Infinity Ring – Instead of going the route of a ring stamped with “mom” on it, how about something a bit more symbolic?
Silver Mama Bird/Baby Bird Necklace – For the nature lover.
Two Birth Stone Necklace – A simple and beautiful way to represent your family everyday.
Food Inspired
Hand Made Treats – Instead of going the corporate cookie bouquet route, why not try some of these awesome hand made treats? There are a TON to choose from, and you are helping to support a small business! Can’t go wrong!
Mommy Coffee Mug – Does your mom start every day with a cup of tea or coffee? This mug is beyond adorable and we think your mom deserves something this pretty.
Vintage Food Chopper – This piece is so cool we may have to just buy it for ourself.
Hope you were inspired, and are browsing for something to gift to your mom right now!
-Sasha Huff

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