Bubbles and summer go hand in hand around here. I don’t care who you are, you most likely enjoy blowing bubbles. And if you don’t, I am concerned about whether or not you are human. Or at the very least your ability to have fun. I decided it was time to take the bubbles up a notch.

After staying up late enough to catch a lightning bug or two, my kids wanted to blow some bubbles. The issue? It was dark. What fun are bubbles in the dark? Well, if you break open a few glow sticks into your bubble solution, they are a ton of fun. That’s really all it took- we cracked open a few glow sticks upturned them into our bubble solution, which then in turn began to glow. The bubbles that resulted were absolutely amazingly. You could see them glowing in the sky as they floated away.

My kids are young enough that they aren’t too skilled at blowing bubbles out of wands with their mouths, they more load the wands and spin in circles so I didn’t have to worry too much about them ingesting the mystery glow juice. Keep an eye on your kids if they bring them to their mouths. I imagine it’s not good to eat. Of course, bubble solution in itself is not generally good to eat either.  Another fun option would be to load up a bubble machine with the glowing solution and just watch the kids chase after the glow bubbles. This is sure to bring a dose of fun to any of your summer barbecues!

-Stephanie Wright


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  1. I would never have thought you could do this. I look forward to trying this

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