The sun is shining and your legs are yearning to be bare! However, as we basque in the sun we start to miss the days of long pants and minimal shaving. What once was a two times per week chore now seems to be an everyday necessity.

All of my friends laugh at me when I complain to them about my shaving woes. Many of them just wax the hairs right out of, well, just about anywhere. If any of you are pain-a-phobic and strutting the new recent graduate with an empty wallet trend going to the salon for a wax can seem worse than pretending that shaving is “a therapeutic part of my daily routine.”

Well, all you control freaks and broke geeks, throw that razor away! Many companies are coming out with new at-home waxing kits, and Ihere are the three of the best rated ones!

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll-On Wax ($11)

Feel like you might chicken out? No worries, this product is made with water-soluble sugar, so in case of an emergency you can wipe it right off! When you do decide to use it, heat it up in the microwave for 15 seconds, then simply roll the wax over your desired bare areas. It is designed to apply only a thin layer of wax, just like the salon professionals like to do. Then, press on a cloth strip, and rip! Now enjoy two to three weeks of shaveless showers!

Completely Bare Bare More Ouch Less Bikini and Body Wax Kit ($45) 

Snap a shot of the package’s QR code for a super simple instructional video! It may take a practice round or two to find the perfect temperature and amount of the wax but once you got it, it’s easy as pie. The best part of this kit is it comes with a complimentary Vajewel! It is like a trip to the spa without the embarrassment or expense.

The Sally Hansen Simple Spa Wax Warmer Kit ($20)

This kit has its own built in mini-warmer, so it is perfect if you are a traveler or live somewhere where privacy is minimal. This simple at-home kit is hard wax, so the process becomes less messy. No strips needed! You just pull of the wax itself, no joke. Just make sure you start the heating process before you get in the shower or while you do other chores because it takes about 25 minutes.


-Emily Freeman

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