christmasornamentsHoliday crafts are some of my favorites because there is always an ample amount of supplies at the store, and a million ideas out there for inspiration. These are also some of the best times to get your kids involved in creating art, and many of the projects you make during this season can be kept for years to come!

This week, we are going to share with you some of our favorite Christmas ornament projects. Some can be done with the little ones, others are better suited for older kids, and ALL of them can be enjoyed by adults!

1) Baked Cinnamon Ornament – Anything that adds the scent of cinnamon to the home during Christmas is a-ok in our book. We love that she went a bit further and even glued some gemstones to one of her items. And of course, the pac-man shapes are too cute.

2) Glitter Ball – This is an easy one but it’s too much fun to omit from our list. Go to your local craft store and pick up a bunch of the clear plastic ornaments. You can really add ANYTHING you want to these, but we love the idea of just slapping a bunch of glitter inside.

3) Modeling Clay – This is a fun one to do with kids because they can create whatever shape they want! Older kids can use the internet to find some sculptures to model after, while younger kids can just mush the clay together and create a colorful masterpiece!

4) Painted Wood – Your local craft store should have plenty of light weight wood items to paint and these are awesome because you can customize them for friends and family.

5) String & Glue – Buy some balloons, and blow them up until they are small or medium size balls. Take some string, dip it in a plate of Elmer’s glue and drape it over the balloon. Add enough to cover the majority of the surface and let it dry. Pop the balloon when its dry, and you’ve got some awesome looking snowballs. Maybe even add some glitter before it fully dries!

Happy Crafting!

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