teethingAll babies eventually start teething. Some handle it well, and others (most) try to bite on every darn thing they come in contact with. Who can blame them, cutting teeth has to be uncomfortable. I vividly remember my wisdom teeth coming in and they hurt! Anyway, I have made all of my kid’s baby food. Not because I think there is anything wrong with store bought variety, but because I was poor when my kids were babies. Making my own was a more cost effective way to feed them. This also included teething biscuits. I had several recipes that I loved for teething, but there were plenty of times that I got caught off guard and didn’t have any on hand. On those instances I made a sixty second version.

Your ingredients include:

1 slice of bread (use whatever your have, but try to avoid anything with seeds)
1 tablespoon of baby food flavor of your choice (my kids loved the fruits in this application)


1. Flatten your slice of bread. I use a rolling pin to get it good and flat.

2. Cut off the crusts.

3. Spread your baby food thinly on the bread slice.

4. Roll the bread like a cinnamon roll and microwave it for about a minute. It will become nice and hard.

5. Allow it to cool so that its not too hot and let your baby at it.

As with most teething biscuits, you might want to have them go shirtless, or at least use a good bib. All of that chewing and drooling is sure to make a sweet little mess!
-Stephanie Wright

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