How often do you forget to take your daily vitamins or have trouble swallowing them?  I used to be one of those people who at the age of 31, had trouble swallowing a simple pill, mostly my daily dose of Vitamin C.  Why do they have to make those pills so big?  All of my vitamin troubles were put to rest when I discovered Marz Sprays and their array of vitamin spray products.

Marz Sprays is a family owned and operated company that produces oral vitamin sprays in a unique delivery system designed to be sprayed directly into the mouth.  This is a very important addition to the vitamin world, as it is reported that over 40% of adults or 100,000,000 American’s have difficulty swallowing a pill.

Marz Sprays flagship product, “CSpray,” is what I have been using and made me a true vitamin spray convert.  All I have to do is spray this in my mouth throughout the day and boom- I get my dose of vitamins.  What I love about CSpray is that it gives me the full benefits of Vitamin C.  Most people don’t know that when you take Vitamin C (or other vitamins) in pill form, your body excretes naturally throughout the day 80% of the underlying nutrients leaving you to only absorb 20% of the original pill.  This revolutionary spray allows you to give yourself the maximum dose throughout the day without losing any essential nutrients!

Keith Marz, owner and founder of the company, oversees weight loss centers in Southern California and has also developed several private label products.  One of the most successful was “Slim Spray,” a weight loss spray containing Vitamin B12 and Chromium Picolinate.  It was originally designed for weight loss patients to help eliminate food cravings.

Along with CSpray and Slim Spray, Marz Sprays also has three others products:

ReBoot Energy Spray: a fast and effective way to deliver Vitamin B12 which is a natural energy provider.  ReBoot is the essential spray to get that energy while on the go.

Sleep Spray: a spray designed to help you relax and rest. It is Gaba rich and also contains Melatonin and Valerian Root.  Using this before bed will help lull you to a restful night.

Kids Spray: this is a great and fast way for kids to receive essential vitamins A, B, C, D and real fruits and vegetables.

All sprays are currently available for purchase on the company website,   As a special offer to our readers, Marz Sprays is offering Weekly Sauce readers a discount off of their purchases for the next month.

Please use these offer codes:  5OFF1 gets $5 off any one spray, 20OFF3 gets $20 off any 3 sprays.

-Jessica Brown

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