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Black Friday was a blur. You did some shopping for the family and your best friends, but when it came to your beau, you couldn’t seem to lock in on any options as the mall crowds flurried around you. You may know him inside and out but sometimes buying an actual gift for your honey may be a daunting task all by itself. Here, we at Weekly Sauce have considered which type of guy your guy might be and we’ve come up with a gift guide that ought to be a little helpful when you finally spend some coins on a holiday present. Get your credit card ready! You’ve got two days left before Xmas — use them wisely!

The Athlete

He’s always trying the latest workout and attempting to get you to join in. Sometimes you do, but most times you let him have that day at the gym on his own. For those sessions, grab him a pair of these Under Armour ColdGear Evo 3/4 Leggings ($49.99) — especially if he likes to jog on an outdoor track or if he’s a CrossFit fanatic. If he’s been talking about skiing this year, then make sure he’s always toasty in Canada Goose’s Hybridge Lite Jacket ($525.00). It’s a little pricey, but he won’t freeze to death on the slopes or anywhere else — and these jackets from CG tend to last for years on end.

The Sports Fanatic

You know your man and how he is on game days. If you love sports too, then consider the following a gift for the both of you. If you have a nice chunk saved, consider taking him to the 2016 Super Bowl in Santa, Clara, CA on Valentine’s Day weekend. Or the NBA All-Star Game during the week of February 7th in Toronto. Keep in mind, the Super Bowl Packages alone will run you upwards of $6,000 — so there’s that. But if you’re down, you can book tickets and reservations to hit either city, enjoy the sports-related festivities that come with the big game and just call it a trip out of town. Throw in a New Era Glowflake Knit Hat ($29.99) for good measure. They feature NBA, MLB, NFL, and NCAA teams, and these are sure to be pretty stylish, whichever city you end up visiting.

The World Traveler

He doesn’t care about things, just experiences. And that works too. If you do your research through Kayak or Jetsetter, you can find some amazing deals on flights and/or hotels. Make sure that he has a valid passport and gift him with a Herschel Supply Co. Trade Suitcase ($250.00). Then the bigger surprise: reservations for two at the AD Place in Venice. He’ll be eternally grateful.

The Sneakerhead

The amount of money your boo spends on sneakers is nearly obscene, but he takes such pride in them. He carefully coordinates his shoes to his outfit and, although he may not wait in line for his, he always has the latest kicks on his feet. Indulge him a little more and cop him a pair of the Asics Gel Lite LLL in Black Embossed Leather and Suede ($130). These are especially fancy, because they tend to be limited in stock and every time a new pair drops they’re of a different color. Often enough, even the textures are totally different. Have him top it off with an Adstract ‘Sneakers Ruined My Life’ Fleece Hoody ($39.99) in a complimentary color. He’ll be glad you have an eye for what he’s into.

The Classic Man

It’s not just a catchy song on the radio. Your beau really is a classic man. He prefers oxfords to sneakers and button-downs to tee shirts. Embrace that side of him and grab him a Wool Mac Jacket from the Gap in Deep True Navy ($148.00). This one is easy to dress up or down, even if his idea of “dressing down” consists of tailored khakis and a cashmere wool sweater. Also, if you have the extra bread, spring for a pair of 1000 Mile Wesley Wingtip Chukkas from Wolverine ($295.00). These are a good look with both jeans and slacks.

The Low-Key Guy

He’s not really into anything extra — especially not the flash of the holidays. He’d actually just prefer that the two of you kick it at home while everyone else goes crazy at the mall. In fact, boo may have even told you not to overspend on him this year — he’s fine with “whatever.” Get him something though, doesn’t have to be anything huge, just a token of your love. If he’s into jewelry, grab this beaded bracelet four-pack from Vallour in Natural Colors ($19.00), a pair of these cool, Lennon-inspired Spitfire shades from Infinity ($36.00), and a pair of Vans California Sk8 Hi Cup in Smoke Turtle Dove ($120.00). Keep it simple.

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