For me, summertime means basking in the sun, be it on a patio or by the pool, with a refreshing drink in my hand.  Though I tend to splash a hint of spirit into mine, that doesn’t mean there aren’t delicious, refreshing mocktails out there for those of you unable to drink.  I believe mommies-to-be deserve this type of relaxation more than anyone, so I’ve compiled a few of my favorite non-alcoholic beverage recipes for those of you drinking for two.

Limonana – Frozen Mint Lemonade

This is a deliciously refreshing recipe that comes out mildly sweet.  For those of you with a rampant sweet tooth, add more sugar to taste.

Items You’ll Need:

Citrus Juicer


Servings: 4


1/2 cup sugar (or more to taste)

1 3/4 cups water (divided)

1 cup fresh lemon juice

3 1/2 cups ice

1 cup fresh mint leaves

6 mint sprigs for garnish (optional)


1. In a small saucepan, combine 1 cup of water and sugar. Heat over medium, whisking constantly, till the sugar dissolves. Let the water cool to room temperature.

2. In a blender, combine the sugar water, lemon juice, ice, fresh mint leaves and ¾ cup of water

3. Pulse for a few seconds then blend for 1 minute until the ice is thoroughly crushed and the drink takes on the texture of a thick slushy.

4. Taste.

5. Add more sugar if desired and blend again.

6. Serve in cold glasses, garnished with sprigs of mint.

Watermelon Lime Chiller

Watermelon and lime come together to form a tangy sweetness that will keep you refreshed and make you forget it’s a mocktail.

Items You’ll Need:


Total Time: 10 Minutes

Servings: 2


3 cups cubed seedless watermelon, well chilled

1 1/2 fresh limes, juiced

Sugar (or your favorite sweetener), to taste

Fresh mint sprigs for garnish


1. Put watermelon chunks and lime juice into a blender.

2. Process on high until smooth.

3. Add sweetener to taste, if needed, and blend again.

4. Pour drink into two glasses over ice.

5. Garnish with fresh mint.

Serve and enjoy!

Baby Bellini

Who says being pregnant means you can’t enjoy your favorite brunch cocktail?  Enjoy the flavor of a traditional bellini just without the buzz!

Total Time: 3 Minutes

Servings: 1 Drink


2 oz. chilled peach nectar

2 oz. chilled sparkling apple cider

1 oz. fresh lemon juice


1. Pour peach nectar and fresh lemon juice into a glass.

2. Stir well.

3. Add cider to the rim and stir gently.

4. Serve chilled and savor every sip!

–Lindy Kirk

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