Out of all the names the world thought Kimye (that’s Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for those that have been living under a rock) would name their precious baby girl, North West was not one of the top picks. But the famous new parents decided to follow the unique celebrity baby name trend and go with what one can only assume was a pun-ny moniker. But, then again, perhaps we’re all wrong.

Despite the play on directional words, apparently baby North’s name is meant to be more inspirational than compass based. There’s a reason she’s not named South, after all. According to a source close to the couple (aren’t they always?) North is meant as a metaphor for “up,” as in “What’s North of North? Nothing… [b]asically, you can’t get any higher or better than Kimye’s baby daughter. Both Kim and Kanye think their daughter is the pinnacle of their relationship — their highest point.”

Other upwardly connections to “North” include the North Star. Although Kim and Kanye are both huge stars of their own, they consider their sweet baby girl the biggest star of all. Say it with me now. Awwwww.

Now if that isn’t sweet, we don’t know what is. And we can totally see this reasoning mollifying some of the more, um, shall we say, vocal fans who were extremely unhappy with the couple’s name choice.  And if you’re thinking North is still an awkward mouthful to say, don’t worry, apparently she’ll be going by the nickname of Nori instead.

Congratulations to the new parents!

Does hearing the reason behind this one-of-a-kind name make you feel differently about it? Let us know! — Esther Carlstone 

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