As a mom I seriously have very little time to myself. I know it’s all for the greater good and all, but it is a hard truth anyway. To keep fit and healthy, I need to work out. I was for sure, not blessed with an amazing metabolism. I have to earn nearly everything i put into my mouth. Those are the reasons that I am so focused on quick and effective workouts.

Strength training plays a huge part in my fitness routine. I have a few moves that I can do, each for one minute that work just about every muscle group in the body.

My first powerhouse move is the Burpee. I love the name of these too, but that might just be because I’m slightly juvenile. Jumping, squatting, planking, and push-uping are all apart of this amazing move. I do as many as I can in one minute. This is a great move because it also gets my heart rate pumping.

My next move combines a squat with an overhead press, bicep curl, and triceps. I use 10 pound weights, but you can use whatever gets your muscles a good workout. Begin by holding the weights at your sides. Squat down, stand back up and then raise the weights above your head keeping your elbows facing forward. When you reach as high as you are able, bend your elbow to lower the weights behind your head. Raise them back up above your head and return to your starting position. Again, do as many as you can in a minute and keep good form. Slower and precise is better than quick and sloppy.

The last move I do is a cross training staple. You begin laying down with one hand holding a weight above your head. While keeping eye contact with the weight you stand up. It sounds easy, but standing up while only using one arm, and with the other continually extended above your head is quite frankly, hard.

I do these exercises any time I have a spare minute or two, and I aim for at least three sets. That’s only six minutes. But if you do it faithfully, and add some cardio to your arsenal as well, you will join that elusive hot mommy club!

-Stephanie Wright

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