I love photography. I love my kids. I love technology. So anything that combines the three makes me happy. We recently had a birthday party for my kids. And I have to admit, I am absolutely terrible about sending out thank you cards. After about the third card I feel fake and tired. I do however, appreciate the need for a good thank you card. People deserve to be thanked for their generosity. Right? Well, thank goodness that the technology of the world is changing.

Not only can I invite people to a shin dig via email, or text, but I can now send them a friggin cool thank you card that way too. Or a Christmas card, or a “Just because” card. The Red Stamp app allows you to do just that. My favorite part is that you can choose your method of delivery. Inside the app, you choose your design (there are tons and they all super cute!). Once you have chosen your design you can customize the text. Make it say whatever you choose.

Many of the card designs are picture cards so you can choose a picture from your phone, or take a new one and add it to the card. Crop, scale, and adjust the tone of your pictures all from inside the Red Stamp app.  When you get everything looking just the way you want it just click send. You can choose to text your card, email it, post it to social media, or have it printed and sent snail mail. That’s right, you can create a card straight from your smartphone or tablet, and have it mailed off to one of your contacts with a few pushes of a button.

As you might expect, snail mail cards do cost money. You have to pay for the printing and postage after all. But texting, email, and social media are completely free!

Hot dog. You can make a Christmas card and send that sucker out to everyone, and even send the hard copy to grandma. And the kicker? This app is 100% free!

-Stephanie Wright

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