Though we share flag colors with our French allies, when it comes to dressing, French women are noticeably different in style and ease. They own the ooh-la-la I just threw this on look. They all claim to spend rarely any time getting ready. And whether it’s true or not (and I tend to believe it is), they look sophisticated, stylish, and effortless.

So, without merely copying what you see on style blogs, because fashion is after all, about creating and owning your look, here are a few steps in the right Parisian direction.

Embrace your body. Granted, Paris is a walking city, and we sit behind our desks, so the French ladies tend to be a little slimmer, but they also really embrace and work what they’ve been given. They know how to dress for their bodies.

Always feel comfortable. When you’re uncomfortable in an outfit and are only wearing it because it’s “on trend”it shows in your body language.

Get to know your basics and rotate them with statement accessories that pop. These include: a pair of perfectly fitting jeans, same for black slacks, a white button down, a fitted black blazer, one pair of expensive and classic shoes (think Louboutin in a neutral), a trench coat, simple white tee, great flats, and a rocking (not 80’s rocking) leather jacket.  Here’s the trick–you can usually throw on an average of two at a time and mix in something else. For example, put on the jeans and button down. Grab a chunky necklace. Toss your hair up in a messy bun. Put on a shoe in a bright color. Grab your bag. You’ll ooze chicness.

And here’s where we part ways with ze French. They aren’t known for their grins, but here if you’re confident, you’re never dressed without a smile.

-Arianna Schioldager

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