It seems that every time I go to the store, I see some new product designed to help make taking care of babies easier. I had my first child six years ago, and things are drastically different in just that small amount of time.

My latest and current favorite discovery is that of the squeezable baby food. Basically it is a pouch (similar to a juice pouch) full of various baby foods. Instead of a straw, it has a small spout. Price wise, these seem to be fairly competitive with regular baby food jars or containers. The combinations of what comes inside is diverse. What I really like about these is their portability. When at home my kids always got homemade baby foods, but when out and about I preferred the ease of store bought.

You can buy a spoon that attaches to the spout of the pouch, which I thought was really nifty. It screwes onto the pouch and has a little hole in it so you can squeeze the food right into it. But to be honest, I rarely use it. My son does better when I help him squeeze some into his mouth. I found the spoon to be slightly awkward, and my son couldn’t get much off of it. If you try the spoon it’s good to know that it is universal and fits on all brands of food. Plus it comes in a little carrying case for your diaper bag. My son is already nine months old, so I wonder if the spoon might work better with a smaller baby.

There are several brands out there to choose from, including those that are all organic. Even Target has their Up & Up brand making some. For older kids you can get them squeezable applesauce as well. Both of my bigger kids love these, I love not having to pack a spoon in their lunches for them to get their apple sauce!

-Stephanie Wright

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