There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that mothers collectively deserve a special day.  But there should be nothing collective about the way you choose to shower your mom this coming May 13th.  Your gifts should be personalized and special—bonus if it can be something the whole family can enjoy.  Mom has enough fancy lotion and cookware, and I guarantee there’s nothing she likes more than everyone together.  Here a few ideas that are easy enough to cater to your mom’s likes.

Volunteer Together

No doubt public spiritedness is something that mom try to instill in you from the onset, so what better what to show her that she raised you right than to spend the day volunteering as a family?  There are plenty of organizations that focus on the needs of children and families.  Might be nice to start there.

Museum Day
You know your mom’s interests.  Perhaps she is way into Rose or Japanese Gardens.

From Herb Ritts at the Getty to the Gardens at the Huntington Library (champagne brunch too!) there’s an outing customized to whatever her loves.

Replace the Traditional
Everyone gives cards.  Why not give mom a book she’s been dying to read?  Take this gift a step further and turn the book into a card she can cherish forever.  As you go through each page, circle specific words (i.e. love, mom, together, family, cherish, etc.) that form sentences.    By the time she’s done reading, she’ll have strung each word together, and will be bowled over by the sentimentality and uniqueness of your card.

Why give mom new stuff, when you can take a walk down memory lane.  Spend some thoughtful time before May 13th, gathering items and memorabilia that hold a special place in her heart.  Share the memories over a special home-cooked meal.

-Arianna Schioldager

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