People refer to it as the Italy of the North.  It’s the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson.  There are historic royal castles buried amongst the forestland.  1/3 of all Danes bicycle to work. It’s a city made for wandering. Summer is the best time to visit.  Need any more reasons to go Danish?

Where to Stay

In Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, the classic Hotel Alexandra, is the only Danish retro design hotel in Copenhagen.

If you want to rent a summer cottage—the coastline is ripe with them—this website has over 800 for rent in Denmark.

Where to Explore

Coppenhagen is the main stop in Denmark (at least for all those who have never before been), but North Jutland, is ripe with picturesque holiday towns and fishing villages.

The whole country is one of natural beauty.  There are over 1000 wild campsites and 500 peaceful public gardens. Thy National Park (Denmark’s biggest and oldest park) and The Wadden Sea National Park are just two of many.

The whole country is incredibly bike friendly, criss-crossed by walking and cycling trails.  Hop on a bike and join the locals.

If the sea is your destination, you are never more than 50 km from it.

Happening Now

If you can make it to Denmark immediately following your US 4th of July festivities, then July 5th-15th is the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, one of the biggest, most inclusive jazz events in Europe.

For Your Palate

Travel + Leisure called it Europe’s best town for foodies. Noma, in Coppenhagen is called the BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD. Dinner for two will cost you—a lot, a lot—but they say it is fun and weird and again the best restaurant in the world.

Coffee Collective; coffee for two $9. The beans are hand-roasted on site.


-Arianna Schioldager

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