Pack Light
Pack light

The summer sunshine always gives me an itch to flee, and travel the world. However, the one aspect of vacation season I could do without is the packing. Well, overpacking. If you are a chronic overpacker like me, here are five helpful tips on letting go of the baggage!1. Make a list first
It sounds simple enough, but it’s a critical first step in minimizing your baggage. List out exactly what you will be doing on your vacation, and then pack the items you need for that list. This way you know exactly what you need, and why you need it.

2. Mix and Match outfits
Every outfit doesn’t need to be completely unique. Instead, pack pieces you can layer and use in multiple outfits. By packing staple pieces you can mix and match, you will cut down on the luggage, but still have plenty of outfit choices.

3. Think Consistent Colors
Similar to the last tip, try to pack shoes and accessories that fall under a similar color scheme. If your shoes, jewelry, and accent pieces can complement more than one of your outfits, you can reduce weight and increase space.

4. Limit the Shoes
Cutting out the shoes can make a big difference. Each pair of dress shoes adds about 1.5 lbs – think twice before packing those zebra print stilettos that you’ve never worn but want to pack, “just in case”. If you don’t need them, don’t bring them!

5. Roll it up!
Bundle wrapping your clothes is an efficient way of packing that leaves more space in your suitcase. It involves wrapping your clothes around a central core object, like a pouch or a cardboard tube. An additional benefit? It cuts down on the wrinkles and creases that come with folding. Nice!

-Shalyn Tharayil

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