tulipsIt seems as though all I hear during the month of November is everyone talking about their “days of thankfulness.” Whether in passing conversation or on social networking sites. Every day people name something or someone they are thankful for. I think it’s a bit silly to post such things as part of a daily routine only during the month of November. We should be thankful for everything all of the time, not just one month. We also don’t necessarily have to publicize what we are thankful for all of the time either.

This came to my attention because my oldest daughter is on one of the social networking sites and she asked me about posts she sees on different people’s profiles. Sometimes as adults we forget that we are friends with our children or their friends. We have family members all over the world that my daughter stays in contact with so she is up to date about everything.

I explained that it is certainly alright for anyone to write about the things they are thankful for during the month of November but we should also be thankful for the same things and much much more all throughout the year.

She agreed with me and thought some of the posts we had seen were a little ridiculous. Such as: “I am thankful for my cat because she woke me up today for work.” We just laughed when we saw that one. I decided to have my children talk about what they are thankful for every evening when we sit as a family and have dinner together. Sometimes little silly things are said like the cat comment above, but I like to see them appreciate the little things that some children in this world aren’t as fortunate to enjoy.

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