The Great Gatbsy is one of those books with a stronghold on everyone’s imagination.  It’s why people keep reading it, schools keep teaching it, directors keep remaking it, and ladies and designers alike keep returning to the fashion. It’s the kind of clothing you sashay in: deco-beaded flapper dresses, feathered and fringed accessories, statement jewelry, pearl necklaces, embroidered Poiret inspired robes, and silky wide-leg trousers.   It’s quite simply delicious and it’s back in style.

You can’t talk 20’s without mentioning Paul Poiret, the French designer who is championed with freeing women from the corset.  His kimono coat definitely inspired the silk drapery of the 20’s.  Slip into your own version of the kimono coat with this Arita Floral-Print Charmeuse Caftan. Or lounge about in this Chiffon Embellished Midi Slip. Martini in hand optional.

Nothing says 20’s elegance and glamour like a statement necklace.  The Elsa Statement Necklace drips from your neck in swingy silhouette reminiscent of dance moves themselves.

Channel Daisy Buchanan in this drop-waist white Embroidered Dress with Frills, perfect for doing the Charleston. Need more frill for your frock? No problem:  Dress with Diamante and Fringing on the Hem.  Want an update? Take on 20’s shapes in modern neon colors with the Fluo Dip Hem Dress.

If you’re more of a pants girl…they may call them Hendrix Pants, but the wide leg, and starry look are definitely decade swappable.

The Sling Back Shoe is a must, as is the Tory Burch Lexa Slingback. No need to kick them off—ever!

If you can’t do the bob, and you haven’t figured out how to finger wave your hair, let a deco hairpin do the work for you.  Opening Ceremony has one from Rodarte, but if you poke around Etsy, you can find ten for the price of that one.

-Arianna Schioldager

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