Even if we think it slightly superfluous, we all probably secretly wish we could have a personal trainer.  That person who busts your butt, who keeps you on schedule, and who honestly lets you know when you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon.

However, thanks to the power of the world-wide-web, many of their tricks of the trade are available to those of us who can’t yet afford the personalized experience.

Here are some favorites:

  1. Start Your Day with Exercise: Research has shown that people who start their day with exercise have a tendency to work out more often than those that don’t.  You are less likely to make excuses if you simply set an alarm, get up, and go for a run.
  2. Keep Your Gym Clothes in the Car and CHANGE at work: If you don’t have time to work out in the am (the unholy commute often steals that precious time away) bring your change of clothes with you to the office and make sure to change in the bathroom (or wherever!) before you get in the car.  It’s much easier to forgo the post-work workout when you have to go home first.  Running shoes and workout pants have an uncanny ability to motivate when they are actually on your body.
  3. If It Doesn’t Feel Hard, It Isn’t: Sometimes I will look over at the girl next to me in yoga class (YES ((sigh)), it’s very un-yogi of me to check), and she will be dry as a bone, whereas I am swimming in a puddle of sweat.  Truth is, our workout is only ever as hard as we make it.

The intensity of your commitment is just as important as committing in the first place.  If you aren’t seeing the changes you want, work harder.


-Arianna Schioldager

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