We all know that kids love all things magic. Its no different for my kids and the tooth fairy. My daughter had been absolutely taken by the thought of a fairy swooping into her room to take her teeth for some other purpose. Honestly, I don’t even remember what I told her the tooth fairy did with them.

We aren’t huge on the tooth fairy bringing money necessarily either, our fairy brings all sorts of goodies. She has been known to bring tubs of play dough, art supplies, random dollar store goodies, bubbles, you get the idea. But for that very first tooth, something special was needed. My husband came up with the idea of fairy money. Fairy money is extremely rare, and therefore hard to come by. It is only given to extra special kids, or extra special teeth or so our story goes.

To make fairy money you will need the bill of choice. A new bill is great, but if you don’t have one don’t freak out. Run your iron on its lowest setting over it a few times and it will crisp right up. Believe it or not, but I learned that nifty trick from my grandfather who used to iron all his money. After your bills are good and straight, spray them with a string holding, rather inexpensive hair spray. While its still wet sprinkle each bill with some glitter. Once the hair spray dries your dollar is left pliable, but shiny and sparkly! This isn’t just fantastic for the tooth fairy either. I have lots of nieces who absolutely adore getting “princess money” for their birthdays! They often do not want to spend it, but save it forever!

-Stephanie Wright

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