I have a little girl. She is five. ¬†She is already obsessed with makeup. Mind you, I’m not a huge makeup fan. I wear it when it’s necessary, which for me is going out somewhere special, or when I have under eye circles or blemishes. I honestly don’t wear it often enough to have created this little makeup fiend that I have. I understand though, she’s bombarded with it every time we leave the house.

As her parent it is my job to teach her when and how to use makeup. The first rule at our house is that there will be no makeup worn out of the house until she is 17. For reference, that is also the age she will be able to begin “dating.” Why did we settle on 17 as the magic number? Honestly it’s because the kids that I see younger than that age who are wearing makeup generally gross me out. Seventeen seems to be the age that it is no longer offensive to me. So between now and then it’s my job to teach her what makeup is for, when it’s used, and why.

You have to consider what is right for your own family, but we allow little girl makeup for dress up time. You know the kind, lip gloss that sparkles, various nail polishes that are also sparkly, that sort of thing. My rational is that it is fun to pretend to be older, and it is a great way for her to learn. I can show her in a constructive manner how much is too much for example. She doesn’t always like it, but we never allow her to wear it out of the house, or in front of anyone but our family. If you are having a hard time deciding when makeup is okay for your daughter, go to the mall and have a look around. Chances are there are girls with makeup that creep you out, and others that don’t. Wherever that divide is will be your magic number.

-Stephanie Wright

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