skiinghappyAt long last, the Winter Olympics are finally over. And call me unpatriotic or selfish, but I, for one, am so glad they’re over. Not only did they force my favorite TV shows into hibernation and clog up my airwaves every night, my online news feed was constantly peppered with stories about bobsledders, skiiers and skates I had never heard of – and frankly – could care less about.

Yes, it’s an awesome feat of physical prowess and yes, my jaw still drops when I see someone performing a triple axle anything, but something about the  Olympics in recent years has lost a lot of the glamour and excitement they held for me as a child. Maybe it’s that there’s so much 24/7 coverage about celebrities that having to “get to know” any Olympic athlete seems like too much work, or that many of those winter sports seem very similar to one another. Or is it simply the fact that there are no longer big-name Olympians like back in the day of Kristi Yamaguchi or Michelle Kwan? Whatever the case, I’m just glad to see the Closing Ceremony come and go. Perhaps the next iteration will hold more appeal, but I won’t be holding my breath…

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

How about you? Are you going to miss the Olympics or glad to see them over?

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