antsYou know that feeling of dread when you see that line of ants on the kitchen counter, or spy a stray cockroach? (Ewww!) Sure there’s a host of toxic products out there to spray or sit out, but if you have kids or pets, you might be looking for a more natural form of pest control. Here are some all-natural solutions that many people swear work wonders. You’ll never know until you give it a try!

* When dealing with an ant problem, try sprinkling cinnamon, cayenne pepper or coffee grounds where you suspect the ants are entering.

* Spearmint or peppermint supposedly repel rodents such as rats and mice. Some homeowners go so far as to plant spearmint around the perimeter of their property to prevent them from ever even getting near any entrances.

* Got fruit fliers? Try filling a small container with either wine or vinegar and covering the top with plastic wrap. Poke small holes in the wrap with a toothpick and see the wonder that is dozens of dead fruit flies mere hours later.

* Moths can be repelled by such pleasing scents such as lavender, lemon, cedar, and juniper.

* Others swear that a soapy water solution sprayed directly on pests such as cockroaches and beetles will kill them in their tracks. It sure beats the smell of Raid, that’s for sure!

* Try a garlic spray. Combine two bulbs of garlic with 1.5 cups of water in a blender. Strain any chunks of garlic and combine with another gallon of water and place into a spray bottle. This solution will work on ants, slugs, flies, grasshoppers, snails and various other pests.

* To kill pesky (and gross!) bed bugs, sprinkle all-natural diatomaceous earth over the mattress and surrounding areas, work the earth into the mattress and let sit overnight. Vacuum the mattress top the next day, and sweep or vacuum any remaining earth from the ground. Make sure to wash all bedding in hot water before placing them back on the bed.

6 thoughts on “All-Natural Pest Control

  1. There are many types of plants free that draw these
    insects. Los Angeles is a large area and there are many professional pest controllers.
    From squirrels finding refuge under your home, to pesky
    mosquitoes hanging out around your barbeque area in search of a meal of their own, all can be
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  2. Great information I always enjoy learning about all-natural pest solutions to repeal unwanted insects and such for the children.

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