While studies of ADHD and driving usually target teens, a new one focused on seniors found they have a significantly higher risk of car crashes. Older adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were also more likely to slam on the brakes and get traffic tickets, the study found. “Little is known about ADHD in seniors,” said…  read on >  read on >

TUESDAY, Oct. 3, 2023 (HealthDay News) – People who experience flooding aren’t just at risk during these severe weather events — they also have a significantly higher risk of dying in the weeks that follow. A new study by Australian scientists looked at a crucial window between three and six weeks after a flood. The…  read on >  read on >

Some common medications — including antidepressants, sleep aids and painkillers — may dull the driving skills of seniors, a new study finds. Many different medication classes have been linked to the risk of driving impairment, as anyone who has ever read the label warning “do not operate heavy machinery” might have guessed. But the new…  read on >  read on >

Sweltering temperatures appear to fuel drug-related hospital visits, a problem that could be worsening with climate change, a new study suggests. “We saw that during periods of higher temperatures, there was a corresponding increase in hospital visits related to alcohol and substance use, which also brings attention to some less obvious potential consequences of climate…  read on >  read on >

Phoenix, already the hottest major city in the nation, experienced its most scorching summer on record this year, new data shows. And that will likely prompt the highest number of heat-associated deaths ever reported in the city in one year. At this point, Maricopa County public health officials have confirmed 289 heat-associated deaths, the Associated…  read on >  read on >

As this summer has shown, the massive smoke plumes generated by wildfires can dirty the air of regions many miles away. Now a new study is raising the question of whether that pollution is contributing to suicides in rural America. Researchers found a correlation between air pollution from “drifting” wildfire smoke and a rise in…  read on >  read on >

Hot weather can pose serious health risks for older adults. Existing medical conditions, problems moving around and medications raise the risk of heatstroke, according to an expert at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Being prepared can help prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke. “As we age, we become less efficient at noticing and adjusting to…  read on >  read on >

Global warming has been linked to higher rates of asthma, heart disease and other health concerns. Now, new research suggests that rising temperatures across the planet may place pregnant women at greater risk for severe pregnancy-related illnesses, especially in their third trimester. And this is likely to get worse in the near future, said study…  read on >  read on >