If you’ve made a financial commitment to athletic shoes, no doubt you want your money’s worth. But it’s important to replace them when you see specific signs of wear. Doing so will help prevent injury and allow you to work out at peak performance. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, there are…  read on >

Preemies often lag behind full-term babies in getting routine vaccinations — and the difference remains at age 3, a new study finds. Misguided parental “hesitancy” over the safety of vaccines for preemies might be to blame, researchers said. The study found that preterm babies were less likely to be up-to-date on seven recommended vaccines by…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — The human papillomavirus (HPV) is transmitted through sexual or skin-to-skin contact. Because there may not be symptoms, both men and women can contract HPV without even knowing it, says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. To reduce your risk of contracting HPV, the FDA suggests: You can choose not to have sex.…  read on >

You’ve made the decision to improve your eating habits, but where should you begin? It can seem overwhelming at first. One way to approach new lifestyle habits is to map out the improvements you’d like to make and tackle them one at a time, over a week or two, before making the next change. Here…  read on >

Thinking of picking up an electric fan to help keep you cool and protect your health during the next heat wave? You might want to think again. Electric fans might make you feel cooler, but they can actually increase your risk of becoming heat sick and even dying from a heat stroke, the evidence shows.…  read on >

Taking your blood pressure may become as easy as taking a video selfie if a new smartphone app proves itself. High blood pressure can be a warning sign of a heart attack or stroke, but half of those with hypertension don’t know it. Developing an easy at-home blood pressure screen could potentially save lives. A…  read on >

Is your toothbrush more than four months old? And how about your contact lens case? These and other everyday essentials need regular replacing, no matter how comfortable you are with them. At the top of the list is your toothbrush. To benefit oral health, your toothbrush needs to be in tiptop form. The American Dental…  read on >

Simple steps can help you protect your home from health dangers big and small. Here are four tips to get you started: It can’t be said often enough: Proactively change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Don’t wait until you hear the chirping signal. Set a yearly reminder, such as on your birthday.…  read on >

The sad sight of a receding hairline is not limited to men, a dermatologist says. Hair loss is just as common in women, and it can occur due to factors such as genetics, and the hairstyles and hair products used by women. It’s important to identify the cause of hair loss in women to treat…  read on >

Video games carry labels with an age-related rating, typically based on the level of violence, strong language and sexual content. But that’s not the only guideline to consider. An industry group called the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) sets the ratings. Look closely at the video game box or information on a game app and…  read on >