When the 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines were released, they included details for following the Mediterranean-style diet. That’s the way of eating in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea and has been associated with many health benefits, from a sharper mind to a healthier heart. The eating plan includes more fruit and seafood and less dairy…  read on >

It’s not just a sign of the holiday season. Food servings have been getting supersized everywhere, from restaurants to grocery shelves. So it can be hard to know what a recommended portion size actually looks like anymore. Whether it’s a scoop of ice cream or a serving of vegetables, it’s probably a lot more than…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Proper oral hygiene allows people to enjoy food and prevent tooth loss and decay. It’s no less important if you’re caring for someone else. You may even be required to brush the teeth for that person. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research suggests these steps if the patient can’t brush…  read on >

Taking care of your health is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season, a medical expert suggests. “This festive time of year can be a lot of fun, but may also hurt our mental and physical health,” said Dr. Joseph Cooke, chairman of the department of medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens…  read on >

After infections tied to unapproved stem cell treatments sent 12 people to hospital this past year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday issued a stern warning about the products. “The letters we’re issuing today to manufacturers, health care providers and clinics around the country are a reminder that there’s a clear line between…  read on >

Who doesn’t crave a big bowl of spaghetti every now and then? But then comes the question of how to fit it into a smart diet plan. The answer is portion control. On average, one cup of cooked pasta has between 180 and 220 calories. But that number can change depending on how long you…  read on >

In a finding that shows the obesity epidemic is far from over, new research reveals that most Americans have grown wider but not taller in the past two decades. Height measurements remained relatively stable during the past 20 years, even dropping slightly between 2015 and 2016 for some groups. But the weight, waist circumference and…  read on >

No one thinks of a piece of layer cake as a diet item. But it turns out that even conscientious label readers may overestimate the size of a single serving and underestimate the number of calories they’re eating. Researchers at Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab looked at dozens of packages of dry cake mixes.…  read on >

Jen Godfrey couldn’t shake the “deep cloud” that lingered even after she found an antidepressant she could tolerate. Then a string of stressors hit — five years of fertility treatment and an 80-pound weight gain during pregnancy that left her with persistent pain; a close relative’s suicide; another who went missing; and her own divorce.…  read on >

Researchers say they’ve identified a potential link between food allergies and flare-ups of multiple sclerosis. “Our findings suggest that MS patients with allergies have more active disease than those without, and that this effect is driven by food allergies,” said study author Dr. Tanuja Chitnis, an MS specialist, and colleagues. Multiple sclerosis is a disease…  read on >