How highly you rate your health could predict how likely you are to catch a cold — and, even more important, how healthy you’ll be in later years. Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh asked 360 healthy adults to rate their health as excellent, very good, good, fair or poor — and then exposed…  read on >

Flexibility is a component of all types of movement — from everyday activities to the most rigorous exercises. Being flexible helps you stay mobile and avoid injury. Yet flexibility training often gets lost in the shuffle or pushed to the bottom of the list after cardio and strength training. Its goal is to increase your…  read on >

The exhaustion of a new baby can have negative fitness consequences as you lose the motivation to exercise and feel there’s no time to get to the gym. But not exercising actually worsens fatigue, makes it harder to lose your baby weight, and increases the risk of chronic health problems down the road. Don’t fret,…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Pelvic floor muscle exercises, also called Kegel exercises, are a great way to improve and maintain bladder control, the National Association for Continence says. The exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor and may improve bladder leakage. The association offers these Kegel suggestions: Identify the muscles by trying to stop urination flow mid-stream.…  read on >

Taking care of your health is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season, a medical expert suggests. “This festive time of year can be a lot of fun, but may also hurt our mental and physical health,” said Dr. Joseph Cooke, chairman of the department of medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens…  read on >

If you’re not yet familiar with the fitness approach called cross-training, it might sound like hard work. But it’s really just a way to add variety to your exercise routine by alternating activities. You’ll avoid boredom and boost your fitness level as well as protect against overuse injuries, which are more common when you do…  read on >

Ballet dancers are known for their sleek, sculpted look, in part the result of hours spent exercising at the ballet barre. While not everyone can dance the Nutcracker or Swan Lake, classes in “barre” are now widely available and wildly popular. Some follow classical training, which is often slow and methodical, while others are inspired…  read on >

If you have high blood pressure, hitting the gym may be as helpful as taking drugs to lower your numbers, researchers say. There’s “compelling evidence that combining endurance and dynamic resistance training was effective in reducing [blood pressure],” according to the authors of a new report. The British researchers stressed that it’s still too early…  read on >

If you’ve ever come home from a brisk walk feeling reinvigorated, you’re not alone. Research shows that this is just one of many benefits of exercising outdoors. Working out in a natural environment can also be more physically challenging, making your body work harder and bringing greater fitness results. This happens when, for instance, you’re…  read on >

Winter can be hard on your skin, but you can take steps to keep it soft and supple, dermatologists say. “When the weather changes, your skin care products should, too. For most of us, dry skin makes an appearance in the winter due to changes in temperature and humidity, so you need to think about…  read on >