If you’ve ever wondered why emotional distress causes stomach cramps or a mad dash to the bathroom, know that there’s a direct line of communication that runs from your brain to your digestive tract. It’s called the enteric nervous system, and it can have a powerful effect. For instance, when you feel nervous or threatened,…  read on >

Exercise apps and fitness trackers are all the rage, and now a new study shows they might actually work. A combination of an exercise app, an activity tracker and personal counseling increased women’s physical activity levels, researchers found. The study of 210 inactive women found that three months of this combined approach increased the number…  read on >

Compound strength-training exercises get fast results, because they work many muscle groups at once. Many of these exercises use just your own bodyweight, such as pull-ups, which engage not only the shoulders and all the muscles of your arms, but also those in your back and core. Other exercises can be enhanced by holding a…  read on >

Looking for ways to burn extra calories? Don’t just stand there — these moves allow you to multitask for fitness. Whenever you’re stuck in a long line, do toe raises to work foot and calf muscles. Simply lift both your heels off the ground and roll up to your tiptoes. Hold for five seconds and…  read on >

Sunscreen is a real key to protecting your skin from the sun and preventing skin cancer, but are you using it correctly? Santa Monica-based dermatologist Dr. Tanya Kormeili thinks not. A recent American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) found “only about a third of Americans are reapplying their sunscreen every two hours while outside. Since sunscreen…  read on >

Water polo players appear to face similar head injury risks as athletes in better-known sports, a new study FINDS. “For years, water polo’s head trauma risks have been downplayed or overshadowed by football-related brain injuries,” said study co-author James Hicks. “Our data quantifies the extent of the problem and sets the stage for additional research…  read on >

Do you worry a lot? Besides the anxiety it’s causing you emotionally, it can threaten your health. Whether you worry over actual problems or the fear of future ones, it interferes with sleep and quality of life. And, according to research done at Case Western Reserve University, it can be so intrusive that it harms…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Most beach rescues performed by lifeguards are caused by rip currents — strong currents that can pull swimmers under, says the American Red Cross. Rip currents can form in any large open area and can be dangerous. To escape a rip current, the Red Cross offers advice: Stay calm and don’t fight…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Many American kids don’t don helmets when biking, skateboarding and riding scooters, a troubling new poll finds. Among more than 1,300 parents surveyed, 18% said their kids never wear helmets while biking, 58% said their kids don’t wear helmets while skateboarding, and 61% said their children don’t wear helmets when riding scooters,…  read on >

There’s a lot you can learn from your elders, starting with the results of a multi-year study of exercise and brain health in seniors. Researchers from Columbia University and the University of Miami compared results of two sets of brain scans and tests measuring memory and thinking skills in 876 seniors. The tests were done…  read on >