Heart patients taking part in cardiac rehabilitation could receive a spicy side effect from the program — a boost in their sex life. Attending cardiac rehab is associated with improved sexual function and more frequent sex, according to a new evidence review. The program likely helps by increasing the patient’s physical fitness, said lead researcher…  read on >

While completing a full marathon is a goal for many amateur runners, new research shows a shorter endurance race might put less strain on the heart. To gauge stress on the heart among 63 amateur runners after they had run either a full marathon, a half marathon or a 10-kilometer race, the researchers assessed levels…  read on >

Trying to choose between a high-carb and a low-carb diet? There’s a third option that might suit you even better. The concept is called carb cycling, shorthand for alternating between high- and low-carbohydrate days. There’s even a variation that lets you make every seventh day a cheat day. The idea is to mesh two theories…  read on >

Running, swimming, cycling and other types of endurance exercise can slow cellular aging, but strength training may not, a new study suggests. Researchers looked at how different types of exercise affected telomeres in 124 inactive, young, healthy adults. Telomeres are protective caps on the ends of chromosomes. As you age, telomeres shorten and result in…  read on >

An hour or less of weightlifting each week might significantly cut your risk of heart attack or stroke, new research suggests. Evaluating nearly 12,600 adults over more than a decade, scientists found that small amounts of resistance exercise weekly were linked to between 40 percent and 70 percent fewer cardiovascular events. But doing more weightlifting…  read on >

Once you’ve taken all the right steps to find a gym suited to your needs, avoiding some common mistakes will ensure maximum results for the time spent working out. First, don’t just congratulate yourself for joining a gym — you actually have to go. It’s easier to stick to a schedule when you ink it…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — As you age, it can be difficult to stay active, particularly during winter. The National Institute on Aging urges people to stay active all year long. Here are the agency’s suggestions: If you have grandchildren, when they visit, head outside to build a snowman together or go ice-skating. If it is very…  read on >

When you first start strength training, almost any weight you lift will bring some results. But also use this time to learn proper form, the American College of Sports Medicine advises. As you progress, you can zero in on the best amount of weight as well as the number of repetitions and sets of repetitions…  read on >

Women are no more likely than men to have health problems due to strenuous training and extreme physical exertion, researchers report. “Our findings contain some potentially myth-busting data on the impact of extreme physical activity on women. We have shown that with appropriate training and preparation, many of the previously reported negative health effects can…  read on >

If your kid is highly skilled at hockey but wants to try basketball, new research suggests you shouldn’t worry about whether that might cost your child a college scholarship. Researchers surveyed 91 professional and collegiate ice hockey players and found they tended to play multiple sports as children, and only started to focus solely on…  read on >