Don’t shrug off working your delts, the muscles of your shoulders. Besides assisting with good posture, strong shoulders help you lift and carry items with ease, and create excellent upper body definition for men and women alike. Deltoid rows work not only your shoulders, but also your biceps, lats and the muscles of your middle…  read on >

A little bit of testosterone cream might help women run faster longer, a new study suggests. Some female athletes have naturally high testosterone levels that are similar to men, and there is controversy over whether it’s fair to allow them to compete against female athletes with normal testosterone levels. There’s a lack of clear evidence…  read on >

Universal gym etiquette includes steps like turning off your cellphone whenever you’re working out, being courteous when using shared equipment in the weight room, taking thoughtful steps such as not wearing heavy perfume, and wiping off your sweat after working out on a machine. But there are also good rules to follow whenever you walk…  read on >

The most common misconception about weight training is that it adds bulky muscle mass, a fear of some women. While elite male lifters can — and want to — get very developed, for most people the result is simply well-toned muscles. Other benefits are increased mobility, more support for your joints and the ability to…  read on >

Chemotherapy can be hard on the heart, but an individualized exercise program may mitigate some of that damage, new research suggests. Heart problems are a common side effect in patients with cancer because cancer treatments can impair heart function and structure or accelerate development of heart disease, especially when patients have risk factors such as…  read on >

If you are older and you have heart disease, you might think you should take it easy. But new research suggests the opposite is true. Exercise is especially beneficial for patients who have a physical impairment, the study authors found. “Aging is associated with several factors such as increased inflammation or oxidative stress that predispose…  read on >

You say that you can’t get to the gym or afford to hire your own personal trainer, but you want a routine made just for you. It might not be mission impossible after all. Why not consider online fitness training with your computer, smartphone or tablet, and a workout pro on the other end? There…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — For many people, moderate-intensity exercise throughout the week is recommended, says MedlinePlus. At the same time, neglecting rest can backfire. MedlinePlus mentions possible symptoms of too much exercise: Being unable to perform at the same level. Needing longer periods of rest. Feeling tired, depressed, anxious or irritable. Having difficulty sleeping. Having sore…  read on >

Foam rollers are great tools for improving range of motion before a workout and easing soreness as part of the cooldown after exercise. Rollers come in different densities. As a general guideline, choose low-density if you’re a beginner or if you’re rehabbing and need to slowly work to increase blood flow to the injured area.…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Fitting regular exercise into your daily schedule can improve your health and fitness, and reduce your risk for disease, says MedlinePlus. From yoga to weightlifting, there are many types of exercise to choose from. To make the most of workouts, MedlinePlus suggests: Choose activities that work many different parts of the body.…  read on >