(HealthDay News) — A helmet can prevent someone from a serious head injury, says the New York State Department of Health. Some states even require people, especially children, to wear helmets while biking or skateboarding. The Department of Health encourages parents to: Select a helmet that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. Make sure your…  read on >

Taking a day off from a favorite exercise doesn’t mean spending the time sitting on the couch. In fact, getting some R&R has a special meaning when it comes to exercise: Rest and recovery. Recovery is everything that happens after the end of one workout and before the start of the next. Whether you’re talking…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Ringworm is a fungal infection that gets its name from the red circular rash that develops. The inside of the ring typically is clear or scaly. People who use public lockers and showers, athletes and people with weak immune systems are especially at risk. To prevent the infection, Mayo Clinic suggests: Wash…  read on >

The pain Sara Langill felt in her right hip didn’t concern her much, until she felt a lump as she massaged tendons near her hip flexors following a soccer game. “I felt this thing that felt like a rubbery grape,” recalls Langill, 33. Thinking it might be a hernia, she went to the doctor. Within…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Preparing for a safe hike outdoors begins with a few pieces of equipment. The American Hiking Society urges hikers to carry a map, compass and emergency whistle at all times. Furthermore, understanding how to use each item is critical. Despite preparations, hikers do get lost. If you’re lost outdoors, the society encourages…  read on >

You don’t have to go to the gym for a strength-training workout. With these three moves, your own body weight provides the resistance needed to develop key muscles. Start with the classic wall sit. Press your back into a wall and slide it down the wall as you walk your feet out in front of…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Living a healthy lifestyle can impact both your lifespan and quality of life, says the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. But regardless of your age, the NIDDK emphasizes that it is never too late to be good to your mind and body. The agency encourages older adults…  read on >

Only half of Americans routinely protect themselves from the sun when outdoors, a recent American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) survey found. Those who don’t practice sun safety put themselves at increased risk for skin cancer, which is the most common cancer in the United States, despite being one of the most preventable cancers. One in…  read on >

(HealthDay News) — Fitness boxing is a popular way for adults to stay fit. Unlike regular boxing, fitness boxing does not involve sparring, so there is no risk of head trauma, says Harvard Medical School. Instead, participants throw punches at the air or at a punching bag. Harvard mentions these benefits: Increased upper-body strength. Better…  read on >

You don’t have to do hundreds of sit-ups and all manner of crunches to see abdominal muscle definition. The following moves are done standing and holding a weight, such as a 5-pound ball with an easy-to-grip handle. For the standing twist, feet are hip-width apart, toes turned slightly out to the sides for better balance.…  read on >